March 1, 2010

I can feel it

Spring time.... It is in the air today! It is March 1st, only 19 more days until the first day of spring... I can feel it coming. However, we are in Utah, so this could be the point where the wind comes in and all the sudden we receive 4 more inches of snow on the valley floor... I am crossing my fingers that it doesn't happen!!

I am more ready for spring this year than I think I have ever been! I want to take Maddy to the park without freezing! I want to go up the canyon and walk around Silver Lake! I want to drive with the windows down and the stereo blasted! Fishing, picnics, long walks outside, flip flops, t-shirts, mini golf, sunshine and flowers!! (And also I can't wait for the wedding! June 5th... Only 3 short months away!)

I dressed Maddy in a very spring-looking shirt today!


(she put the crown on herself! lol)

I keep looking at her just so I can soak in the happiness the flowers on her shirt bring to my heart! Can you feel it?

I hope Spring comes quickly! I don't think I can take the longing much more...

Happy March everyone!

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