March 3, 2010

Blog about blogs

When I got to work today, I got on the internet and I hit my daily blog trail.... Checking the ones I follow to see if there is anything new. Reading posts by friends, family and others, I am always touched in one way or another. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, and some days, like today, someones writing will give me goosebumps. The blogs I follow are important to me... Because even though most people may not know it, the stories of their lives, help me with mine. Strange how things like a new baby, people helping each other, a frazzled mother, an accident, a new home, a party, a first date, a new job, a perfect picture or someones struggle with life can show you how blessed you are, and make you take a look at your life and see what needs improvement.

Today it was Natalie that gave me goosebumps. She is a friend I found in a very unexpected way. I haven't known her long, but she is an incredible friend, and has helped me a lot. She has her own story, which is not mine to share with you, but her story hits extremely close to home. As she makes her way through her struggle, she blogs about it... Daily I check to see how she is doing and what she has accomplished. Today while reading about her new accomplishment, I got goosebumps. I am never really sure how it happens, but it does. I make myself pay special attention to what I'm reading when I get them, because I've found, that when you pay attention, the goosebumps can reveal great things... And they did.

Thanks to a blog Natalie wrote for herself, about herself, I am now inspired to change.... She has no idea what she did or how she did it... And she didn't do it on purpose. But I am thankful for her today.

So, this is a little public thank you, to Natalie.

And also I want to thank those who write their blogs, and let me read them... You may not even know that I read them... But I do. You have no idea what you do for me! So please, keep writing! Even if it is just for yourself... You may not know what something you do for yourself, can do for others.

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  1. Jamie, I love you. I hope you know that. And like I've said before, this is a two way road. You have helped me and supported more than you know.