July 13, 2010

4th of July

This year we spent the 4th of July in Lake Powell with my family! For those that don't know... They have a boat at Wahweap! I have been going there since I was a little kid! It was a blast... I love it there! My parents friends Brent and Roxanne also came! They are great people! And so fun to be around! Plus they brought their ADORABLE dog that Maddy didn't let go of basically the entire trip! lol :)
Anyway, we left home on Thursday, then on Friday morning we went out and found a beach. We took a couple trips to Dangling Rope to get ice cream, but mostly hung out at the beach and swam and ate... We stayed at the beach until the 4th, and then went to a different spot so we could watch the fireworks on the lake.
Thanks to my Mom and dad for an awesome time!
Like usual, of course, the camera didn't get taken out until the trip was almost over... But here is what we have!

Yes, I was there... No, there aren't any pictures of me... My little brother Nick was also there... No pictures of him either... Sorry Nick!

pictures finally!!

I forgot in my last post I said I would post pictures of the bachelor/bachelorette party... I am a slacker, I know! It was a SUPER fun night! Jenny is awesome! Fun games, good food, awesome people... AND she even got me a Hummer limo! But here... You can just see for yourself!

So that was the girls...
... Here are the boys...
Hope you are ready for this... It's pretty CRAZY

Yep.... That's right... ONE PICTURE...
And only of two of them... Chase and Casey.
No pictures of Evan, or my brothers, or the other guys...
Men SUCK at pictures!!!!