October 4, 2011

Time to get to it!!

I know, I know... I am the worst blogger in the history of bloggers...
Time to get to it!!!
Most people that know me are aware that I like to make at least half of the presents I give at Christmas time... Well... It is October, and I have yet to finish one single project... CRAP.
What have I been doing you ask??
Well, for starters, I drive about 500 miles a week. My days pretty much consist of: Taking Maddy to the bus stop for school (in Cottonwood Heights), going to work (downtown), picking her up from the bus stop after school, going back to work, and driving home (in Herriman)... Monday, Wednesday she has dance and Thursdays she has swimming lessons. And well, you can pretty much figure where most of my time goes. I spend about 2-3 hours in a car every single day. I don't know what genious inside me thought living in Herriman was a good idea, but she should be found and killed.
I get home and barely have the energy to put dinner on the table let alone do the do the dishes, the laundry and clean... So usually the dinner is all that gets done.
That leaves basically no time to sit at my sewing machine, or get out my crochet hook and yarn, or paint, or pretty much do anything. I even had to resign dancing with Compass Dance (one of the hardest days I've had in a while), because there was no way in the world for me to keep dancing Tuesday and Thursday nights.
It is a definite understatement to say that I am short on time now-a-days... BUT I am going to have to figure something out, and make a change or two, because there are things I have to get done!
So, my #1 goal for the week is to get my house under control, so that I can make the time to craft some gifts. There is no way I can justify starting anything (or resuming anything I have started) until my house is CLEAN!
In other news...
Maddy is LOVING Kindergarten. Here is a picture from her first day:
Evan's job at Hoy Engineering is dangerous, time consuming and physically exhausting on him... But we are SO SO grateful he has it! This job is such a blessing, and has lifted the huge stress of paying all the bills on one income off my shoulders. It is tough, but he is making it work (and bonus, he is getting some serious muscles! lol (; ) I Love him so much! He is such a great husband and Dad. I don't know what we would do without him!