June 1, 2010

almost there!

Only 4 days till Evan and I get married... I know that is all I have posted about lately but we are SO excited it's hard to have anything else to talk about! lol :)
We had our bachelor/bachelorette parties on Saturday... (Evan's continued to most of Sunday also!) it was SO much fun to go out with the girls! Pictures will be up soon... just warning you... it was NUTS! Thank you so much to everyone that came! It was SO fun! And thank you to JENNY! She is incredible! Thank you so much girl! And to Pam for the awesome food! mmmmm!
Pretty much all the wedding plans are done! Just a few loose ends to tie up... Pick up my dress, break in my shoes! :) Wrap the bridesmaids presents, finish up sheet music with my little brother (did I mention we are bringing in a piano and he is playing for the wedding and dinner?) ... That kind of stuff!

The rehearsal dinner is on Thursday! Then all of the clan is gunna go out and have some fun together, since it is pretty rare that we are ALL together!

I can't wait to see my brother Ryan and his Wife Carrie and daughter Ava! They are such a cute cute family! They are coming from Hawaii for the big day and I am so excited!

Also Evan's family from California is coming! His Grandma, Uncle Mike, Aunt Linda, Andy, Misty and Reagan, Paul and Donna! Can't wait to see all of them again!

This wedding is going be like a family reunion and I am SO excited about it!!!
This past 11 months has FLOWN by... And, although it hasn't been perfect, I am so happy with the way life has taken me! Can't wait to be married to my high school sweetheart!!! CRAZY!
Just a special thank you to my Mom and Dad and Pam and Todd for everything they have done, and to JENNY! Girl you are incredible! I couldn't do this without you! And thank you for the AWESOME party on Saturday! SO fun!!


  1. dang im so mad i missed the party, our tickets to see STYX were that night. glad you had a blast, and i cant believe its only 4 days away!!!! and im super jealous about your honeymoon :)