June 17, 2010


Well it's official... I went to the drivers license division today and changed my last name. I am now officially Jamie Suzanne Fields! WOW that is so weird!

I remember in junior high and high school I used to write that name in my notebook over and over again, wishing one day it would be mine, and that Evan and I would be married.... And now it is actually true. That name is mine. And Evan and I are married... SO WEIRD!!!

The wedding was INCREDIBLE! It was everything I wanted it to be! Thank you to everyone that came ! And to my friends and family for all their hard work! Thank you for making my day so special and beautiful!!! The professional pictures wont be done for a month or so... so here are a couple that were taken at the wedding by other people.


Getting Mani and Pedi's
Getting our hair done
After I put my dress on
The cake
Ashley and Jenny! Thank you for ALL your help!! Love you two!

First Dance

The honeymoon was awesome! Except the fact that I got a sinus infection and was sick for the ENTIRE thing! FIGURES! Evan and I will have to have a re-do one of these years! :) I don't have all my pictures on my computer yet... But here are a couple:

Ready to go!

At the airport

our ship

Now we are back to regular life. We are so excited to be married, and loving every minute of it!

Thank you again to everyone for all your help, love, and support!

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  1. congrats again!! so happy for ya! Your wedding was amazing and you looked gorgeous! no bueno getting sick on your honeymoon! especially being on a cruise ship :P hope you feel better soon!