January 7, 2011

Fist time for everything

This was the first year in my entire lifetime that I did not spend Thanksgiving in St. George with my family.

Evan, Maddy and I spent Thanksgiving at Evan's mom's house.

When the dicision came about that we were staying in Salt Lake this year, I cried.... A lot... I thought that Thanksgiving would not be in any way even close to anything I have had my whole life, and therefore, it would definitely suck.

... Boy was I wrong.

It was totally different, and nothing close to what I have grown up with. But it was far from bad.

It was REALLY fun!!!

Sadly enough, there are no pictures that I am aware of.

But thank you to My Mother-In-Law and the great family I had an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with! You are all great!

I feel like I grew up a lot this year.

So thank you Evan, for making me stay, no matter how hard I fought! Love you! :)

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