January 7, 2011


Was great! We spent the Morning between my Mom's and Evan's Mom's (which for those that don't know, are right next door to each other)

Then we headed to my Grandma's for brunch

Then we drove up to Corinne and spent the rest of Saturday and Most of Sunday there.

The only pictures I have are one from the morning, and one of Brandi in the car. Here they are!

Maddy got clothes, an art easle, zoobles, coloring stuff, an American Girl Doll, a Barbie with Corvette, a Leapster with games, and a bunch of other stuff I am sure I'm missing.

Ev got new slippers, Jeans and a shirt, Money, A nurf gun, and Ferrari Black.

I got a new band for my ring! It is so beautiful!!! And Clothes and Money also.

Spending time with all the different parts of our family in all the different places is by far the best part of the Holidays! It was a really great weekend!!!

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  1. if I didn't have nieces I would have no clue what 'zoobies' were haha. Glad you guys had a good Christmas!