August 18, 2010

Big guns, and 4wheeling

Last weekend we went up with my family shooting, and 4wheeling! It was kind of a last fun hoorah, before my little brother left for college...
It was me, Ev, Maddy, My Mom and Dad, My brother Ryan and his little girl Ava, my little brother Nick (the one going to college) and my best friend Jenny. She brought her little doggie Mowgli, and we took Brandi also! My other brother, Ty, was sick, so he couldnt make it!
We took up our little trailer so the girls could have a place to sleep, and we had somehwere to get out of the sun! It was a really really fun time!
I didn't get any pictures of when we were shooting, but here are the ones from 4wheeling:

In the car on the way


Me and Ryan

My Dad

Me and Evan
Jenny and Nick
Ryan and Ava
Taking Maddy for a ride. She LOVED it!
She wanted to go REALLY fast!
Me with a dirty face after a REALLY long ride
I know... I'm hot!! :)

Me and my girl

Jenny with a VERY tired Mowgli

Brandi drinking out of a water bottle. lol

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a fun trip!!!


  1. fun I wanna go!! i'm jealous, looks like you guys had a great time! yes you do look hot in that pic haha

  2. hahah looks like you had a blast

  3. Oh man...that looks like so much fun!!!